A self-described food junkie, Trivium lead singer Matt Heafy can't wait to play Michigan on Nov. 13, so he can indulge in the Middle Eastern fare of the suburban Detroit city Dearborn, Mich.

"I'm really into food and stuff," Heafy told Noisecreep. "But I learned that Detroit has a really high Middle Eastern population. So I'm excited to try a bunch of different food there. We don't really have anything like that in Florida. We have Little Vietnam and stuff. But we don't have anything like that. I'm stoked to try different food. I found out about it through a 'No Reservations' special about Detroit. We decided to try a bunch of different places. I'm huge into food. I'm in Cleveland right now, and I found an awesome all organic, all local, sustainable restaurant rated in Bon Appétit. It was a really cheap, really amazing lunch. I'm always stoked on food."

Heafy became a foodie within the last couple years, thanks to television shows like 'No Reservations' and 'Bizarre Foods.' The day before the interview, Heafy visited Buffalo's Anchor Bar, which, he said, was the first place to serve buffalo wings.

"As we started touring more and more in different countries, I've always wanted to try what everyone else has," Heafy said. "Before we started touring the world, we'd talk to bands in the U.S. who say, 'Oh, the food in Europe sucks.' 'The food in the U.K. sucks.' 'Food everywhere sucks but America.' They're always eating fast food from the States.

"Usually I never eat at chain restaurants," he continued. "Not because I have a principle against chains. I'm into the care that goes into food. Same thing with music. You want care to go into it. You don't want some manufactured pop band that's written some radio single. You want something that comes from the heart musically. I'm the same with food. I want it to come from someone's heart. I want it to be something that's special."