As anticipation builds for the Oct. 15 release of Trivium's latest album 'Vengeance Falls,' the band has made the song 'Strife' available for streaming (listen above). Fans of the group will likely love the driving, aggressive guitar work that kicks off the song.

Trivium have also revealed the three bonus tracks that will be included on the deluxe edition of 'Vengeance Falls.' They are 'No Hope for the Human Race,' 'As I am Exploding' and the Misfits covers 'Skulls … We Are 138.'

The band's fifth album was produced by David Draiman, frontman of Disturbed and Device. In a recent interview, Draiman talked about his experience in working with Trivium.

"I think they have grown tremendously and learned so much and they’re so godd--- good, just as players, as musicians -- tracking them was easy, we didn’t have to edit," Draiman said. "They were so tight, it didn’t require much, they made it very easy to work together with them."

Bassist Paolo Gregoletto said the process was concentrated. “Once we got to the studio with him, we really dug into the song structures, vocals, lyrics, everything, and that was definitely intense," Gregoletto explained. "Ten, 12-hour days of working on the music, writing, something that was — I don’t think we’d ever experienced pre-production that intense before. But it really helped us. We learned a lot from ourselves and from David, being so close together and working that long.”

Beginning Sept. 12, Trivium will launch a North American tour with DevilDriver, After the Burial and Sylosis.