With no debate necessary, 'Sound Off' is one of the heaviest songs to come from Trapt in some time. For many, a song of cathartic grooves from the hard rock act is reason to celebrate; the band took a slight detour from their big sound on their previous effort 'Only Through the Pain.'

Guitarist Robb Torres assured Noisecreep that 'Sound Off' is a mere snippet of what to expect from the forthcoming 'No Apologies.' "It has definitely got more of the riffs that have been more associated to the first and second records," says Torres, detailing the process to these song as a natural one. "It wasn't a conscious decision." The band simply began jamming together and the heaviness simply flooded back.

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The video, directed by Todd Wiseman, displays the band in anthem mode, fully fed up with what's around them. The imagery utilizes a psych ward lunchroom, smiling politicians serving up torn money and a general preparing bullet-decorated hearts for the patients.

"When I first read the treatment, a lot of us -- the whole band, the label and everyone -- when we read it we were like, 'Yes!'" The guitarist admitted, recalling his excitement at reading the ideas from the director. There was no hesitation. "Everyone was on board." Only a few minor changes took place from draft to film.

But despite the strong visuals, Torres asserts the song in not a political one. "It might seem that it comes across like that, but the idea is for people to speak their mind -- don't hold back. If something bothers you, speak up. That's kind of what we are hoping we can get people to do."

'No Apologies' will see release on Oct. 12.