When Trapt first made their presence known in 2002, they do so with a roar of aggression through the anthem 'Headstrong.' But over the years the California act has experimented with their form. "['Only Through the Pain'], which I wasn't on, was a bit of a departure from that sound. It was a bit more pop. Some of the fans seemed unsure if they were going to accept that from us," guitarist Robb Torres told Noisecreep a mere day before the release of the band's newest offering, 'No Apologies' -- an album clearly footed in the heavy anthem style that put them on the map.

Torres called the return to the hard rock roots an "unspoken thing," as the majority of 'No Apologies' took form through a three-week writing session at the band's rehearsal spot. "When you enter a room and just jam, that's when the best stuff comes out for me. It's more organic and more of a collaboration," the guitarist explains. "Our jams would start out with these 20-minute kind of funky improv jams where we would get loose and get into it."

But before that the album's first notes came by way of Torres, while still new to the band in the midst of touring in support of 'Only Through the Pain' he brought 'The Wind' nearly finished musically to the band, fully excited and not caring that writing session were still a long ways off.

"It kind of floated around. We changed the verses a little bit." From there, drummer Aaron Montgomery and bassist Pete Charell conjured up the riff for 'Overloaded.' "I had some changes from another song that became the chorus," says Torres. And with that the band went into full writing mode.

'No Apologies' is more than just the first Trapt release for Torres. This is the biggest release he's ever been a part of, but though excited for this achievement the full reality of it hasn't set in yet.

"It hasn't really hit me that this is going to be my first national and international release. To me I still think I'm myself. I'm just doing another record; it's just another day at the office," says Torres. "A friend of ours just bought us a nice bottle of champagne and I'm going to bust it our before the show."

We're sure that Torres and company had a hell of a celebration.