Trapt is the kind of band that spares the public from the usual rockstar pull quotes and instead let their music do the talking. There's no pretense to what they do and their songwriting benefits from a to-the-point frankness that has hit home for many melodic rock fans. It's no surprise that their 2002 single, 'Headstrong,' became one of the biggest rock singles on the Billboard charts of the last 15 years.

In the years since, Trapt has steadily built up a loyal fanbase through constant touring and by releasing anthemic records like last year's 'No Apologies.' The 11-song album was produced by Johnny K (Disturbed, Black Tide) and features some of the most infectious material of their career so far. Noisecreep got its hands on an exclusive live performance of 'End of My Rope,' the latest single from 'No Apologies.' Check out the clip and our brief chat with Trapt vocalist Chris Taylor Brown under the cut.

Watch 'End of My Rope' From Trapt

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'No Apologies' has nearly been out for a year now, how has the reception been overall? Which songs from it are connecting with your audience the best out on tour?

The response to the album has been great. A lot of fans say that Trapt went back to our roots on this one and I have to agree with them. The 'Only Through the Pain' album [2008] was something different for the band song wise. We experimented a bit on that one and it was fun, but on 'No Apologies' we wanted to really get back to hard-hitting grooves.

'End of My Rope,' 'Sound Off,' 'Get Up,' 'Beautiful Scar' and 'Drama Queen,' have been going over great live. We've been playing songs from the new record for over half the set on the latest run of shows.

Let's talk about 'End of My Rope.' The lyrics are hopeless in parts yet hopeful in others. What inspired it?

The song is about being in a hopeless situation, yet knowing that you need to face it and never give up. Hitting bottom is never the best choice [laughs]. We've all gotta find a way to claw our way out of the holes we find ourselves in.

What can you tell us about its video?

The performance was filmed at the Rock on the Range festival and we had an amazing time doing it.

What does the next six months look like for the band?

We will be focusing on writing new songs for a bit and then will most likely go out for some shows late this year, early next year. Look out for new Trapt music in the near future!