Saliva's ultra-friendly vocalist Josey Scott –he's a Southerner from Memphis, so he's as polite as it gets- gave Noisecreep a tour report as his road warrior band was ending one tour and heading home to see family for a few days before then hitting the road again. "It has already been a really great year for us," Scott said. "We've toured with some great acts: ones you know and ones that you will soon know. We kicked off [our second tour of 2009] with our bros in Shinedown. Those guys are very good buddies and always treat us like family. As far as I'm concerned, that makes them a class act. We've been fortunate enough to share the stage with them." Shinedown singer Brent Smith lent his pipes to 'My Own Worst Enemy,' a cut on Saliva's recently-released 'Cinco Diablo,' their fifth, turbocharged volley for major label Island Records. "Brent has got such a monster of a voice," Scott said. "Plus, we sound really cool singing together. It's one of the extra surprise treats on our new record."

Scott also provided a ringing endorsement for recent tourmates Halestorm, "an amazing gem of a band. They have a really beautiful lead singer. You better believe she can throw it down, vocally. She's an all-around, up and coming rock star, so watch for her band."

Saliva, who effectively infuse their hard rock with urban and Southern conventions, are about to hop on the resurrected Sno Core tour in Albuquerque, New Mexico in just a few days. Scott said, "Look for us in your local area very soon. We are tour bus rats and we really love going out and playing for the people. That makes our world spin round and round. The fans are truly the reason for our existence. We love to play our hearts out for them and we have so much fun everyday and every night so thanks a million." Scott also thanked Noisecreep for "having him," too! We're blushing.