Brooklyn-based quintet Primitive Weapons lay down a progressive-minded take on stoner metal that landed them a deal with the folks at Prosthetic Records. Earlier this year, the label issued The Shadow Gallery, the band's debut album. Recorded at Wild Arctic Studios with Dean Baltolunis (American Nightmare, Converge), The Shadow Gallery has garnered rave reviews from the likes of Metal Sucks, Guitar World and Terrorizer.

For you trivia hounds out there, you should know that Primitive Weapons guitarists Arthur Shepherd and Justin Scurti also co-own popular Brooklyn watering hole/live venue Saint Vitus Bar. Noisecreep hasn't been there yet, but any establishment named after both a Black Sabbath song and a legendary stoner/doom band is A-OK in our book!

Keeping with the alcohol theme, Noisecreep asked Primitive Weapons frontman David Castillo for a list of the five best places to drink in New York City. Check out his list below and remember to drink responsibly :)

Top Places To Drink in New York City by David Castillo of Primitive Weapons

Saint Vitus Bar (1120 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, N.Y.)

"Full disclosure, I work at Saint Vitus. Justin and Arty also own it. But man, I like drinking here. Saint Vitus is a metal/rock bar that has a killer live room in the back. Delicious picklebacks and coors banquet tall boys reign supreme here. As do hesh/hardcore dudes and babes. You'll hear everything from Quicksand to Dio to Yob blasting through the speakers. The decor is simple, everything is black, even the toilets! The best time to roll there is when there is a good show."

Death and Company (422 East 6th St, New York, N.Y.)

"This place is amazing. It's a cocktail bar in the East Village that has the best whiskey based drinks I have ever tasted. For a cocktail bar it isn't too pretentious where you feel uncomfortable but still class enough where they know their shit. The decor is all black and super sexy (notice a theme?). A perfect place to hang with a goth lady warrior princess or a good buddy for a sit down."

The Levee (212 Berry St, Brooklyn, N.Y.)

"The Levee is the prototype for a great laid back bar. Cool bartenders and staff, good rock and metal playing, cheap drinks, good sized outdoor area, pool table, buck hunter, and cheeseballs! Honestly, you walk in and never need to leave. It's perfectly thrown together and feels like your living room. It gets busy on the weekends, so I rather go for some day drinking. I have spent many summer Sundays there drinking a Sportsman and forgetting where I left my phone."

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Matchless (557 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, N.Y.)

"Matchless is a good spot where a lot of friends work including our Eric, Aram, and George Paul from Mutilation Rites. They got great wings and there is always a good crowd in there. Karaoke on Wednesdays with the kings of karaoke can get nuts. I got shit housed there last night and was yelling for about 45 minutes about Converge being amazing while a dude was singing 'Wind of Change' by the Scorpions. Worth it."

Home Sweet Home (131 Chrystie St, New York, N.Y.)

"Home Sweet Home makes this list based off of their Wednesdays where they host Pieter Schoolwerth's magical WIERD night. Packed with synth nerds, hot goths, and crust punks under the haze of fog, you won't find another night like it. At midnight a band plays every week and they have hosted everyone from Psychic TV to Raspberry Bulbs. It's always worth checking out. The perfect cure for the Wednesdays."

Listen to "Quitters Anthem" from Primitive Weapons

Primitive Weapons' debut album, The Shadow Gallery, is available now via Prosthetic Records. Catch the band The Acheron in Brooklyn, N.Y. on July 27.