Singer Maynard James Keenan, of Tool, A Perfect Circle and Puscifer fame, has been quite vocal about his distaste for illegal downloading through the years. He also believes that since artists have to deal the reality of fans grabbing their music online, without paying for it, it has a trickle down effect on the music itself. Artists are now spending less money in the studio and on the creative process, since they won't make the money back on sales. Therefore, the overall quality is suffering. It's simple economics, really.

"Until somebody has actually written a check to record their own record and see everything that goes into it, they don't really understand," Keenan told radio station KFLY. "The current state of music, I'm sure there's a lot of creative stuff going on out there, but there certainly isn't. Of course, I'm being nostalgic, but it doesn't seem like there's as much, creatively, going on, 'cause most people can't afford to do it."

The always outspoken and well-reasoned singer also said that people feel "entitled" to free music in this day and age due to the instant nature of a digital culture.

"I think part of the problem with most of that is just the foundation of respect or entitlement," he said. "I think 'entitlement' is probably the better word. Our society has gotten to the point where just you click a button, you get what you want when you want it." If it's easy to get, you appreciate it less.

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