As fans anxiously await word of new music from , the band's guitarist Adam Jones has announced he married artist Korin Faught last month in San Francisco. He also revealed the couple are expecting their first child.

You may remember Jones' unique proposal. He asked Faught to marry him at a wrestling pay-per-view event in January. He's a huge WWE fan, and although the authenticity of pro wrestling can be debated, his proposal was 100 percent authentic. It appeared on the big screen before the 2013 Royal Rumble, and she said yes.

The wedding happened in early July, but the first public announcement came last night (Aug. 28) in a post on Jones’ official Facebook page. The post reads, “Mrs. Jones <3 July 6th 2013.” There's a photo of the couple from the wedding at Jones’ Instagram account.

Social media was also how Faught revealed the baby news. A couple of weeks ago, she  posted a picture of her baby bump on Instagram along with the hashtag, “#bumpwatch.”

We're not sure exactly when the baby is due, and we're not sure exactly when a new Tool album is due, either. Drummer Danny Carey recently told Loudwire to expect a release in 2014.