Good news for fans of guitar maestro Tom Morello, who is known for employing techniques that make his axe sound like a turntable. The Rage Against the Machine riffsmith has revealed in a new interview that his next album will be "a really big rock record."

While discussing his new comic series with Bloody Disgusting, Morello confessed, "Well I am working on a new solo record, but it might not be titled a Nightwatchman, because this is going to be a heavy rock record. This will be the first time since Rage Against the Machine or Audioslave that I’ve made a really big rock record." Morello made some HUGE rock records with those bands, so this is good news for fans of his body of work.

He continued, "It’s just a time to rock and I’ve written a batch of songs with huge riffs and huge grooves. I’m working it out with my band now and we’re about five songs deep at this point, but we’re taking our time with it. It will definitely be a 'release the hounds' effort."

He also spoke about why rockers, such as himself, former My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way and Slipknot singer Corey Taylor have gravitated towards the comic book medium, drawing a parallel between that and rock, saying, "Well I think that a lot of them were comic book fans as a kid. As youths who feel disassociated with the places we grow up and don’t feel like they are a part of mainstream consumerist culture, I gravitated towards two things; hard rock and comic books. That is a pool you are drawing from and maybe who are making pop music or country music weren’t necessarily comic fans. I think when you feel alienated then comics can put the band-aid on the wound."

Morello just wrapped his 12-issue 'Orchid' series via Dark Horse. It follows a teenage prostitute in the post-apocalyptic future as she tries to survive a tyrannical situation.