Dave Peters, vocalist of Orang County mosh monsters Throwdown, is another metalhead who proudly proclaimed "Halloween is my favorite holiday!" The singer also told Noisecreep, "I love it. Funny you should mention Halloween, since three songs on the new record, 'Deathless,' are kind of like a trilogy or trifecta of symbolic songs about these experiences, and I use different classic movie horror characters, like the werewolf, zombie and vampire as part of the symbolism. I am not being mystical at all about it, either."

Beyond Halloween, Peters does like to put up the darker decor, bu saying, "I am sure my house is not like Danzig's house probably is, but I put up darker art and decoration. All the décor goes on sale after Halloween and that's when I buy stuff with gargoyles and skulls for regular décor in our house, not for Halloween.

"My wife and I got married on Day of the Dead and had a Day of the Dead-themed wedding. It's the Latin American counterpart to Halloween and we just loved art and imagery."

Peters recommended a host of gothy, creep and utterly dark pieces of decor for like-minded people. It's Madame Talbot's, so point, click and punch in your credit card digits. "It's gothic and low-brow art. I like to find random weird stuff online and cool, boutique handcrafted stuff, with a darker and gothic theme," Peters said. .