After an admittedly "long tumultuous history" with former label Trustkill Records and the variety of member changes that litter their history, Throwdown's Dave Peters says the band is finally happy with where they are career-wise with their E1 debut, 'Deathless.'

"We've been through a lot as a band and by no means do I have a chip on my shoulder about it," Peters told Noisecreep. "It's made the higher points over the course of our career that much higher. Nothing has been handed to our band over the years. E1 is great to us and we are excited to put the record out with them. It's like battered wife syndrome. We had been in a relationship for a long time and I'm not going into details and I'm not trashing Trustkill. But it feels like a new band in a way. We have gone through a lot of changes, with members, and stylistically, over the years."

The changes did take their toll on the members, like Peters, who've been with TxDx since the beginning. "There was an inner quarrel in our camp. So much has changed that we asked, 'Has enough changed to warrant being called a something else and a new band?' We held onto it because it has been a badge of honor and middle finger to everyone else."

For 'Deathless,' guitarist Mark Choiniere had a bigger hand in the writing process with Peters, who played guitar for the band when Keith Barney was the vocalist in the early years. Peters also said, "I was talking to my wife, telling her how I love writing music and guitar parts but that I prefer singing live over guitar. It's a more personal experience to me and I can connect with people there in a conversational way. It's more give and take. It's an exciting thing for me. When I first sang for band, I didn't know what the f--- I was doing and some may argue that I still don't, but I was thrown in and learned on the job."