A mere week into the recording of their latest effort, 'Deathless,' Orange County's Throwdown are light years ahead of their mental state on previous releases. "Our heads are in a different and better place than they have been before, for a lot of reasons," lead throat Dave Peters told Noisecreep. "It feels like a rebirth for our band, which we intentionally allude to in the title of the album."

Elaborating on that point, Peters also said, "The songs we've written for 'Deathless' reflect that [rebirth] absolutely. The album is a really natural evolution from 'Venom & Tears,' but has definitely come a long way from it, in our humble opinion, too." Evolution is necessary for a band to continue and grow and Throwdown have always demonstrated the ability, toughness and moxie necessary for survival in the eats-its-young music business! The band has also endured several line up changes, yet is never crippled by them!

For 'Deathless,' the band, known for making neck-stomping, moshpit anthems, parted ways with its longtime label and is now working with E1, formerly known as Koch. "Making a record with E1 is truly a breath of fresh air and has lent itself nicely to the whole process," the vocalist admitted. "We don't have to worry about the people who work hard on it not getting paid for months, for starters! We really couldn't be happier right now with everything. Wow, I can't remember the last time I could say that.... maybe in the 90's?!"

We, too, are happy for Throwdown and are looking forward to getting our asses handed to us with 'Deathless,' which may be out this year.