Throw the Fight will release their new EP The Vault via Bullet Tooth on March 19, but, today, Noisecreep is premiering the song "Breaking the Cycle." If you dig Quicksand and Lostprophets, well, you'll love Throw the Fight, since they mesh the chunky post-hardcore style of the former with the commercial accessibility, modern emo of the latter. It's full of taut tension and fluid release, building you up to the breakdown.

Vocalist James Clark tells Noisecreep "Breaking the Cycle" touches on the struggles omnipresent in addiction. "The song is about the pitfalls and harsh realities of addiction. The lyrics are sharing an individual's story from my past where I watched them struggle with temptation and fall back into their old habits."

He continues, "These habits eventually caused them to lose everything. It took them losing everything to change their life and rethink who they are and where they want to end up in life. They made something positive from a very negative situation."

Listen to 'Breaking the Cycle'

The Vault EP's track listing is below. You pre-order the record here or here.

"Years Past"

"I Know"

"Breaking the Cycle"

"My Life In Your Hands"