As Canada's Threat Signal ready 'Vigilance,' their new album, for release, vocalist Jon Howard wants the headbangers who haven't heard of his band yet to know Threat Signal aren't a one trick pony. "Threat Signal combine a lot of elements found in metal and rock, and we are not a one trick pony," Howard told Noisecreep.

So, how are Threat Signal diversifying? "At one moment we could be shredding your face off with rippin' guitar solos and old school thrash metal," Howard said. "The next, we could be grooving on an acoustic guitar, leading into a massive melodic chorus. We are all about diversity and structure." Howard is fed up with singular-focused bands, saying "I am sick of hearing new bands that chug on one string and scream one note! That's boring to me. A good band should offer some variety, and that's exactly what we do."

Howard likes to multitask, as well. He also sings for Arkaea, the industrially-leaning band of former -- we think former, depending on who you ask and on what day, given the legal tussle that the once and ex-members are currently embroiled in -- Fear Factory bassist Christian Olde Wolbers and drummer Raymond Herrera.

Of his juggling act, Howard said, "Both bands work their schedules together and work around each other. Threat Signal just got home from a headlining tour of the U.S. and now Arkaea is heading out supporting Kittie in the U.S. [Bassist] Pat [Kavanagh] and I basically don't find time to sit at home on the couch! We live and breathe music."

'Vigilance' is out now on Nuclear Blast.