I'll shut you down / I've read about you on bathroom doors / I never knew you were a whore / I'll shut you down

These are the final lines of This Romantic Tragedy's aptly-titled 'I'll Shut You Down,' off of their new release, 'Trust In Fear.' While I haven't had much (rather, any) experience in calling numbers I've seen written on the insides of public restroom stalls, I can safely assume that an unsavory side of humanity would be speaking to me from the other end of the line.

Someone must have done the vocalist wrong, if the song is speaking from his perspective. Previously in the song, the girl with the newly-discovered 'woman of the night' lifestyle was told that she was as worthless as a 'cover of a book already read.' While the analogy isn't perfectly apt, it's made clear that she isn't wanted when she's told to 'leave your bags at home. you're not wanted.'

Whether the subject of this heartbreaker is an actual girl, or a dog, or a former band, or the alternator in the band's touring van that they thought the drummer's uncle replaced -- we can say for sure that you don't want to cheat on these guys.