After working with Thomas Vikström (ex-Candlemass) as a temporary live singer for half a world tour, Swedish epic, symphonic metal monoliths Therion have announced that Vikström is now a permanent member of the lineup. The band also revealed that the title of their next album will be 'Sitra Ahra.' They're recording 13 songs for the effort, but not all are guaranteed to make the final cut. The band is excited about having Vikström in the lineup, as well.

"It became very clear that this was a person I really wanted to work more with in the future," guitarist and founding member Christofer Johnsson told Noisecreep. "[He's] a wonderful personality and an incredibly talented person, who really understands what Therion is about."

Johnsson also revealed that despite an appreciation for engaging in musical chairs pertaining to vocalists -- as he did on Therion's last tour -- he couldn't let a talent like this get away. "While I have always seen the potential in being able to swap singers that are used on a session basis to be able to create new flavors in the music, you can also get to a point where you realize that you have someone on the hook that you would want to involve deeper and keep permanently."

In addition to Vikström being an "exceptional rock singer," as Johnsson described him, he is a trained opera tenor. "It is hard to imagine someone being better cut to fit in the spot he fulfills," Johnsson said. "For the 'Gothic Kabbalah' touring, we invented the 'fantastic four' concept, using four different singers. And the role Thomas carries there could not possibly be done better by any singer I have heard about.

"So it felt natural to carve his name in stone into the band." The core members of Therion split recently, but Johnsson is adamant that he is keeping the band, which started in 1987, going. The permanent acquisition of Vikström pretty much sealed the deal for Therion to move forward. A release date for 'Sitra Ahra' has not yet been revealed.