The Word Alive

Poll any passersby on the street of any American metropolis about the new Arizona immigration law, which cracks down on illegal residents, allowing cops to demand proof of citizenship from a person based on their suspicions, and they're bound to have an impassioned opinion that is either decidedly for or definitively against regarding this piece of controversial legislation. Even President Obama questions its constitutionality, as it gives the authorities the right to come down hard on possible illegal aliens. But Word Alive singer Telle Smith, whose Phoenix-based band will release its new album 'Deceiver' this summer via Fearless Records, is split right down the middle and believes the law is both problematic and beneficial and sees both sides of the argument's proverbial coin.

"The biggest thing is that it is making police officers act like border patrol, and I think it's possibly necessary, but it's also, at the same time, giving the government and officers whatever right to accuse or pull anyone over based on racial profiling and suspicions, which I am not cool with," Smith told Noisecreep."But it is a problem. If you live here, you know it. Based on morals, you'd think it's wrong. But what do you do?"

Smith continued, "Do you disregard morals and save your state? Or do you keep your morals and let things get out of control and causes other problems? This could be the lesser of two evils and a lot of people don't see that. It's a weird situation, morally. It's not something I agree with, but it might necessary." We're willing to guess that a lot of Arizona residents feel the same way on what is a polarizing law to the rest of the country, especially in more liberal-minded regions.

Smith also called the law a "response to an unfortunate problem. That's why the government is the government. It has to make hard decisions. Sometimes the government is right and sometimes the government is wrong. I hope they turn out to be right."

Smith's point is that you have to live in Arizona to fully grasp the situation -- and that it does get dicey for people who live there. Whatever the case, people will still argue fervently about this law.

The Word Alive's anticipated new album will drop in July. We're certainly looking forward to it, as the band has mastered the art of emotional and molten metalcore.