2011 was a good year for The Word Alive.

The Arizona band's deluxe reissue of their debut album, 2010's 'Deceiver,' sold boatloads and the Fearless Friends Tour, a trek that also included blessthefall, Motionless in White, Tonight Alive and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!, was one of the year's most successful indie road shows. Simply put, The Word Alive has climbed to the top of the metalcore heap.

To celebrate their fruitful year and toast the holiday season, The Word Alive vocalist Tyler "Telle" Smith sat down and answered a fun questionnaire for Noisecreep. Check it out below along with a holiday card from the band.

Favorite Christmas present ever?

Last year I got to go home to Ohio and spend it with my family for the

first time in 5 years or so, that was the tops so far :)

Worst Christmas present ever?

My grandma, God bless her soul, loves to give me used puzzles or books or sometimes socks that I've never used haha. I love her though, so I take it with a smile.

Which celebrity you would like to give a holiday gift, and what you

would give them?

I'd like to give Chino from the Deftones our band's CD, and hope that he doesn't hate it haha.

What is on your Christmas List this year?

Just to spend some good times with family and friends. It is a rare occurrence these days!

Your naughtiest moment this year?

My other half would kill me, I can't kiss and tell ;)

Fearless Records

Your nicest moment this year?

I think that question would best be answered by someone who perhaps I did something nice for, rather than myself? Just seems to defeat the purpose of doing something nice if you just want to gloat about it.

Best show this year?

Chicago Warped Tour, hands down! Biggest circle pit EVER!!

Top 5 favorite songs of 2011?

Evaline – 'Who Are You,' The Used – 'Best of Me,' Deftones – 'Sex Tape,' Why? – 'The Hollows,' Oh, Sleeper – 'Hush Yael.'

What holiday song you would like to cover?

Any that I could do an 80's metal scream to "yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

'Favorite Punk Goes' cover song?

Can I say ours? Aside from Heartless, I liked There for Tomorrow's 'Icebox' actually.

What is your hope for 2012 for the band?

Just to record and release this record, and for it to be a force that helps guide the future of our music scene in the right direction. I hope that we can continue to tour and play for more and more people all over the world, and have fun while doing it. Stay safe readers and have a good holiday season from TWA and myself :)

Watch The Word Alive's '2012' Video