Tomorrow (July 3), modern metalcore heroes The Word Alive will be releasing Life Cycles, their eagerly anticipated sophomore album. Today, Noisecreep is excited the present the world premiere of "Dragon Spell', a brand new song from the record.

According to The Word Alive lead singer Tyler "Telle" Smith, '''Dragon Spell' was kind of inspired by 'The Hounds Of Anubis' [a song off the band's 2010 Deceiver album], and I wanted to continue on that mentality with the lyrics. This song is basically "The Hounds of Anubis, Pt. II."

"I tried to apply it to our band, and being away from everyone we love and care about. And how being on tour doing what we love has become part of the purpose in our lives. We've impacted a lot of people's lives at this point, and we are very close and tight knit with our fans. They will always be family to us. The chorus says "If you were me would you stand strong, would you fold?" I get asked a lot of times how hard touring is, or on the other side of the coin, kids tell me they would give anything to do what we do. I am happy to hear people passionate about music, but the reality is it's truly a sacrifice in so many ways. However, we won't fail our fans or our family who have supported us to this point."

Listen to "Dragon Spell"

The Word Alive's Life Cycles will hit stores tomorrow (July 3) via Fearless Records and is available at this link.