Vince Neil

Vince Neil, as you will learn while watching this ''Creep Show' episode, is a man of many hats. In addition to being Vince f---ing Neil, frontman of Mötley Crüe, one of the most notorious and important bands in modern rock 'n' roll and a successful solo artist, Neil is quite the entrepreneur. He owns tattoo shops, restaurants, clubs and a tequila company, too.

Neil, who could not have been more gracious, chatted about his new solo album, 'Tattoos and Tequila,' two pursuits he knows quite a bit about. He talked about the pleasure and pain implicit in both; about covering Elton John, Scorpions and Aerosmith on the album; about the Crüe sharing the stage with Ozzy Osbourne for the first time since 1984 as part of this summer's six-date Ozzfest tour; touring plans to support 'Tattoos and Tequila'; his book of the same name; and life on the Sunset Strip in its '80s heyday. He also talked about the passion that keeps him doing what he does all these years.

I particularly enjoyed hearing about how he was a kid from Compton who used to cruise for chicks with his bandmate, Tommy Lee, and how the four guys that comprise the Crüe are the reason the band keeps on ticking.

And now, without further interruption, enjoy this episode of the ''Creep Show,' which is like a fireside chat with one of the rock's most notorious frontmen.