Salt Lake City is the region of Mormons, stricter social norms and a different religious way of living. All of these issues have factored into the existence and music of The Used, both as individuals and as a collective. But guitarist Quinn Allman still resides in the Salt Lake area and was more than happy to espouse the other virtues of the city and state of his origin – and why he still hangs his hat there.

"There is a great community vibe here," Allman told Noisecreep. "The main thing you think of with Salt Lake is Mormons, but to me, there is no industry here anymore. There are colleges and Subway and Pizza Hut. There is also a counterculture which is what is going on. There are great bands, awesome bars and in general, cool people. There is also a 'lost children' mentality here. It's a city of lost children who have strayed from the church. The past generation, over the last 20 years, was like that movie, 'SLC Punk.' The kids are oppressed, so they freak out and go extreme, like hardcore vegan and cling together, but it's not shticky or cliquey."

Allman continues, "There are good designers and photographers and artists. It's a healthy art scene. I like it and it's chill. You can sit on your back porch and you are still in the city but it's still quiet." It's like a suburb within a city, apparently.

The Used's new album, 'Artwork,' is due out September 1.