Mushroomhead's eyes peered out menacingly from behind their masks, but despite the seemingly terrifying glare that the three members -- Waylon, ST1TCH and Skinny -- fixed on me, we enjoyed a fun, fireside chat in the ''Creep Show' studio.

The visual band, who perform behind their grisly disguises, were in town promoting the release of their new album, 'Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children,' and gave Noisecreep a thorough rundown of how their masks are created and how being cast for the masks is a claustrophobic experience.


The 'Head talked about where old masks go to die, too. They sell the masks that are deteriorated and no longer in performance condition on eBay, so fans can have a piece of the Mushroomhead action. Turns out, everything from 'Hellraiser' to 'Harry Potter' to World War II headphones to hemp dreads inspire and are incorporated into the masks.

The band also talked about the infusion of energy provided by not-so-new singer Waylon. They inadvertently compare themselves to the LeBron James situation in their native Cleveland.

Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children' is out now via Megaforce.