There's been a bit of an uproar over Kittie's recent announcement that they will be touring with Insane Clown Posse, Coolio, Necro and Kottonmouth Kings later this spring. The girls, who've been knuckling down on their instruments since 1999, didn't bat an eyelash over the hoopla.

They're looking to have fun on the tour, which is playing, in some cases, several thousand seaters. Kittie -- Morgan, Mercedes, Ivy and Tara -- stopped by for a chat with Amy Sciarretto on this edition of the ''Creep Show.'

They discussed the imminent tour; shopping in New York City; in-progress tattoos; the world's most disgusting shower on tour, where even our producer and photographer were wretching at the thought; the possibility of Kittie ponchos to protect themselves and fans from Faygo-spewing juggalos on the tour; and continuing on after the tragic passing of Morgan and Mercedes' father and manager, Dave Lander.


It's hard to believe that when Kittie was first blowing up as 16-year-old metal chicks that Disturbed -- Disturbed! -- opened for them. We talked about the role reversal and how David Draiman and company should pick up the phone and invite the girls back on the road. But it was the girls' grace, class, sense of humor and honed skills that prove to be the reason that Kittie are still around and why they will prevail.

Me-freaking-ow. Now watch this episode of the ''Creep Show.'