We are under a two weeks away from one of the most anticipated releases of the year 'Option Paralysis' from those fine New Jersey boys, the Dillinger Escape Plan. It seems almost like a freak occurrence -- but more of a reason to celebrate as a testament of self control -- that the album has stayed a well kept secret this close to release without ending up on the dumping grounds of the web's free bins.

With that being the case, our friends at MetalSucks have premiered the track 'Chinese Whispers' for all to hear. This is the second song to give a glimpse of the most cohesive record the band has done since 'Calculating Infinity.' But unlike the furious first released track, 'Farwell, Mona Lisa,' this one shows the eclectic mix on 'Option Paralysis.'

The MetalSucks dudes say to "listen with a good pair of headphones," and they couldn't be more right, as 'Chinese Whispers' is a bar fight of melodic layers working hand and hand with the aggressive side, while the ADD temptations look on desiring their chance to show off, but they wait for another song.

Recently guitarist Ben Weinman stopped by for a chat on our very own ''Creep Show' where he pointed out that 'Option Paralysis' feels the most fluid of their albums for the reason they wrote it all at one time. But still with an unyielding record, the Plan is a band with no home so to speak. "It's hard for us to find a place to feel comfortable," Weinman explained of the band's summer gig in dusty parking lots. "In once sense [we thought], 'Do we really belong on Warped Tour?' Then we started realizing, 'Do we belong anywhere?'"