The Devil Wears Prada have spent much of the year in the studio, but the band is emerging with a new album title and release date. Fans can circle Sept. 17 on their calendar for the official street date of the '8:18' album.

The band began the year writing for the new album, then spent time on tour with As I Lay Dying before eventually settling into the studio. They recorded the effort at Atlanta's Glow in the Dark Studios with executive producer Adam Dutkiewicz of Killswitch Engage fame and producer/engineer Matt Goldman overseeing the production.

Earlier this year, frontman Mike Hranica told Loudwire, "Conceptually, the concepts of ‘Dead Throne’ didn’t carry over. I feel like that would be repetitive and monotonous to keep going at the same subject matter, but obviously it all comes from the same place and I can say that nothing got more happy or uplifting really. So I think it’s very much the Devil Wears Prada but also it’s got a bit of freshness and originality to it and I think that even musically we started approaching the songs differently."

The disc will be released via Roadrunner Records and will be available to pre-order via The Devil Wears Prada's webstore beginning July 30. The band state in the video teaser above that fans will receive two songs immediately upon pre-ordering the effort.