Need to ride a metallic rocket into the weekend? You can do just that when you listen to the Devil Wears Prada's new single 'First Sight,' which lives on their Roadrunner debut '8:18,' due in stores on Sept. 17.

That's '8:18' on '9:17' if you want to get numerological. But let's not get all caught up in that. We've got a brutal song to listen to and to have our brains pummeled by.

The song, which you can check out at the A.V. Club, is an exercise in dynamics, mercilessly flipping back and forth between metal fury and tight, clean melodies like a ping pong ball. There's an abundance of bloodcurdling screams and pure power riffing, too.

Put simply, it's a near-flawless execution of metalcore. We've heard more tracks and can make that assessment that 'First Sight' is one of the strongest songs on the album. We're also glad to report that the band has not lost a step at this phase of its career.

The album, which is the band's fifth, was executive produced by Killswitch Engage guitarist and knob twiddler extraordinaire Adam Dutkiewicz aka Adam D.