The Devil Wears Prada's video for 'Martyrs' mixes lyrics with imagery of the apocalyptic sort. So it's sort of like a hybrid of a lyric video and an officiall video. The clip features no footage of the band, but that's okay. While we love the guys, we sorta don't need them, since the images that are contained within get the point across and then some.

Images of Christ, both in painted form and on the cross. An army of ants. Several ominous and hooded figures wearing 'Scream'-like masks and surrounded by votive candles. Roaring, merciless waves cresting in a cranky ocean that you might only find yourself submerged in if you starred in 'A Perfect Storm' or if you ran afoul of the Gods. Those are the key images that are featured in the video and all can be associated with the End of Days.

The song is like a series of right hooks to the jaw, with its stormy metalcore bluster, but the video? The video is captivating and the black and white imagery is arresting.

The song appears on The Devil Wears Prada's new album, '8:18,' out Sept. 17 via Roadrunner Records.