The Devil Wears Prada

"We do consider ourselves a Christian band," the Devil Wears Prada guitarist/vocalist Jeremy DePoyster told Noisecreep. "The main message above all else is a Christian message, but we try and distance ourselves from bands who are being too preachy. We're not a worship band, definitely not. But we're telling people there is another side to Christianity, other than your mom or grandma sitting in a church pew. There are people who live this lifestyle, and they don't frown on your music or how you dress."

The band is currently touring, but also working on new material. "We are working on stuff right now, and I want to put the right amount of time into it, since there was pressure and eyes on our current record," DePoyster said. "There will be more pressure and eyes on the next record, to see if we can keep doing it. We're still writing and have tours planned, so hopefully we can find some studio time. It's a little early to say. We'll see."

While the band is originally from the great state of Ohio, DePoyster and vocalist Mike Hranica both now live in Chicago. Guitarist Chris Rubey is moving to Portland, so the band is spread across the country! "We've all moved because of girlfriends, mostly," DePoyster said. "They have that effect on you. When you are not home, you kind of have to go where they are. I love Chicago, though."

Gal pals aside, the band's lack of proximity isn't something they fear will affect the writing process. "We spend so much time on the road and working together that it's like we find time," DePoyster said. "We already wrote some songs, and Chris has been writing on his laptop ... I'll chime in, change parts or record vocals. We have a mobile setup. What we did last time was take six weeks before a tour, met four or five times a week, and six weeks after a tour, five or six days a week and cracked down. We rented a warehouse space and wrote everything. We will do the same thing this time. That environment creates more of a vibe than demos on laptop."