"This is the longest stretch of time that I've been off the road and I've had some anxiety about not playing live and for the album to finally come out," reveals Mike Hranica. The Devil Wears Prada vocalist is at Noisecreep's East Coast offices talking about 'Dead Throne,' his band's new album. "It's a relief now that the album is finally in stores. But I know all of the work has just begun. That's actually hit me really hard this past week in doing all of the pre-promotion for the record. It's the idea that we're just in the first part of the work. You never really think about that when you're writing and recording new material.

"This album means a lot to the band and just because it's in stores now doesn't mean that we think we're done with it. There are so many cool things we're going to be doing to get the word out about it. This past week has been a whirlwind for me, but the work has only just begun. It's not over yet," Hranica says.

On 'Dead Throne,' Hranica delivers the most honest and vulnerable lyrics of his career. Noisecreep asked him if he thinks it's going to be gut-wrenching to perform these songs night after night. "Yes, a lot of the songs on the new album are very personal for me, but that was all done intentionally. I'm proud of that. I recorded these songs in February and March, but when I hear them now, it's like I just did them. Take a song like 'Chicago.' That's one of the heaviest things I've ever written, but I hope people feel that too. It's really hard for me to relive a song like that when I sing it live. But I thought about that the other night. I'll have to relive a lot of these moments for years and years to come.

Gino Depinto, AOL Music

"We still play songs off of our first album [2006's 'Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord'] and we're like, "Oh God, what were we doing?" I don't think we're going to look back at 'Dead Throne' like that at all. But I hope I could still get back to that place where I was when I wrote the words to the album, 5-10 years from now."


The Devil Wears Prada's 'Dead Throne' is in stores now via Ferret Music.

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