The Cult, one of the most enduring rock 'n' roll bands of their generation, are embracing the future. Instead of writing and recording a new album and releasing it traditionally, the band is releasing music in bite-sized capsule form on Nov. 16.

'Capsule 2: New Blood Deep Cuts' features new songs 'Embers' and 'Until the Light Takes Us' -- which discerning metalheads will recall is also the title of a compelling black metal documentary -- as well as live recordings of the band's hits. It also allows a look into the Cult's rehearsal space. The capsule release format spans multiple media formats, including vinyl, digital, USB, CD and DVD formats.

"It's been well-documented that there is no music industry anymore," vocalist Ian Astbury told Noisecreep. "We've had to up our game. The idea of an 'album cycle' that we grew up with becomes stale, and you are on automaton. The capsule is a way of doing it more guerrilla. It means we have to be more attentive, but there is no wiggle room. It's like live acting -- there is no safety net, so it has to produce results."

The 'Capsule 2' songs were produced by Chris Goss, whose résumé boasts Queens of the Stone Age, and Astbury himself said the songs are mix of "violent guitars, emotive vocal performances with high melody and driving beats. Textured metaphysical rock music for the contemporary music head."

Astbury reluctantly referred to Goss as the "godfather of stoner rock," which allowed the Cult to be fed through a different filter. He dubbed 'Embers' one of the most "intimate and romantic" moments of the bands career, saying "the room and time stops when we play it live. We are building intimacy. It's not all Marshall amps and violent amplifier worship."

Astbury was inspired by the fashion community's capsule collections, which are a handful of pieces that are often collaborations with other designers. He also has been documenting band experiences with a camera.

The Cult are currently on tour. Those fans attending the show are afforded the unique opportunity of leaving the venue after each of the Cult tour dates with a full recording of the show on a USB flash drive, so they can relive their experience with the Cult over and over and over again.