'She Sells Sanctuary,' the 1985 modern rock staple from The Cult, and Sunshine State rapper Flo Rida's Top 10 smash 'Good Feelin,' will be featured this Sunday as a mashup in one of Budweiser's Super Bowl commercials.

The one-minute spot is a celebratory romp through several decades of great times in the good ole' US of A, beginning at the end of Prohibition in 1933.

Written by The Cult's guitarist Billy Duffy and vocalist Ian Astbury, 'She Sells Sanctuary' reached #15 on the U.K. charts and was a Top 40 dance hit in the U.S. The song comes off of 'Love,' the British group's sophomore album.

As popular as the song became, Duffy tells Noisecreep that 'She Sells Sanctuary,' and the 'Love' album, weren't hits with the rock press in their homeland when they were initially released in 1985.

"I remember when 'Love' came out, it was received really warmly throughout the world, except in the U.K. where the rock critics hated it. It was like we committed some mortal sin. They hated it because it was a rock record in the middle of the '80s. I guess they wanted Howard Jones and 'Karma Chameleon,' instead of guys with loud guitars that looked good. Maybe it was because of all of the journalist's girlfriends wanted to sleep with us. Maybe they were mad because we had a cute lead singer. I don't really know," laughs Duffy.

Watch The Cult's 'She Sells Sanctuary' Video

'Choice of Weapon,' The Cult's first new studio album in five years, will be released on May 22, and the band will tour extensively in support of it.