Color Morale

A manager is a critical element of a band's career and choosing the right one can be an arduous task. The Color Morale's career is overseen by Armor for Sleep singer Ben Jorgensen, and it's always interesting to see how an actual artist can guide the career of a band, given that an artist knows the ropes of the business based on his or her own personal experience and can offer that first-person advice and knowledge. It's a win-win situation, and the Color Morale know this.

"Advancing our way through options with label decisions and direction [was] very difficult for us, especially when the case is a band from Illinois with no industry experience or prior knowledge of proper approach in general," lead vocalist Garret Rapp told Noisecreep. Turns out, Jorgensen had reached out to the band a couple months after they had recorded six songs and had posted posted one of them, titled 'Humannequin,' on their MySpace page

"Not only was Ben a huge influence on us through his band prior to this, his experience and insight brought us the confidence and direction that we had been lacking. Being managed by such an influential figure is a great privilege for us," Rapp also said. "We learned quickly that Ben was not only one of our largest collective musical preferences over the years, but also one of the most sincere and genuine people we had ever had the pleasure of meeting. We are lucky to have such a driven manager, and privileged to have such a genuine friend."

This melodic, post-hardcore band's Rise Records' debut, 'We All Have Demons,' is out now and the band will spend the fall touring.