The Butcher Babies are dropping 'Goliath,' their debut album, on July 9, and they will spend the summer on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival promoting it. The band, fronted by not one but two hot females in the form of Carla Harvey and Heidi Shepherd, have shared the new song 'The Deathsurround' to get the buzz started.

If you dig In This Moment and Otep, then you will find room in your blackened and metallic heart for the Butcher Babies. The ladies tend to embrace the art of shock value, performing while soaked in fake blood, cradling mics with handles shaped like knives and with black electrical tape over their nipples. Despite the visual gimmicks, the Babies do keep things thoroughly metallic.

'Deathsurround' is brutal and somewhat deathly. Harvey and Shepherd are not bound by the normal preconceptions of their gender. This is not sugar, spice or anything nice! These gals summon their wholly demonic vocals from the pits of their bowels and spew them forth.

With two vocalists, 'The Deathsurround' is like death metal surround sound.

Listen to the Butcher Babies 'The Deathsurround'