Bands that score one big radio hit often rock out for a while, exploit the fruits of their labor, then fade away. Buckcherry, though, are too single-minded to be so ephemeral. When 'Lit Up' went huge in 1999, it looked like the clock was ticking on the band's 15 minutes of fame -- especially when 2001's 'Time Bomb' failed to ignite. By 2002, Buckcherry broke up and it seemed like their rockin' days were over.

Frontman Josh Todd sang for the band that was to become Velvet Revolver, but he was fired and replaced by Scott Weiland at the 11th hour. So in 2005, Buckcherry reformed and recorded their biggest commercial album, '15,' which featured the sleazy single 'Crazy B----.' Endless tours followed, during which Buckcherry cemented their hard rock following. In 2008, the band re-upped with 'Black Butterfly,' which featured some heavy moments and was generally more contemplative than their earlier output.


Then, after a short rethink, Buckcherry returned in August 2010 with 'All Night Long,' their most upbeat, straightforward release to date. When founding vocalist Josh Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson sat down for a ''Creep Show' interview, we expected them to be sarcastic, cartoonish and possibly lit up. Instead, they were serious and articulate as they talked about 'All Night Long,' their brief breakup, 'Crazy B----,' surviving in a digital age and their determination to keep the rock flowing.