Slayer's music is so epic and powerful that it knows no boundaries. It's so well-written that it lends itself to even being covered by an indie rock band that's totally outside the realm of metal.

That's right, Montreal indie band the Besnard Lakes, known for their hybrid of psych rock and dream pop, offered up their utterly killer cover of Slayer's 'Spill the Blood,' which lives on 'South of Heaven.'

The band covered the track as a tribute to the late guitarist Jeff Hanneman, who died in May, at their June 29 show in Regina, Saskatchewan and the timing is perfect as 'South of Heaven' is celebrating its 25th anniversary today (July 5).

It's certainly an interesting interpretation of a metal classic and the Besnard Lakes play the song in doomy fashion. It's loud, gnarly and the cover earns two enthusiastic horns up.

Check out the band member in the center banging his head while playing. He has to he a Slayer fan. The power of Slayer cannot and will not be denied. It truly is the mark of a great song when it can be re-imagined by a totally different band.