If you're a fan of Mixed Martial Arts, you probably know Vitor Belfort is a tougher than nails fighter. MMA newbies and fans of the group the Almost get a taste of Belfort's determination with the band's video for 'I'm Down.' Shot in black and white, the video has Belfort tangling with Cezar Ferreira, and their action shorts are interspersed with clips of The Almost performing the tune.

It's hard not to pull for a song whose chorus has Aaron Gillespie singing "I'm down, don't count me out." Although Gillespie attempts to sell the track with a bit of a mini snarl, it's hard to look intimidating when two MMA fighters are your video's main attraction. The song is from the Almost album 'Fear Inside Our Bones,' which was released in June.

As for the video, Belfort takes a beating from Ferreira, but although it looks like he is about to surrender, he briefly thinks about the unconditional love he receives from his family and muses on the hard work he's put in at the gym. So Belfort may have dropped to the canvas, but don't count him out! Since we're not into spoilers, you'll have to check out the video to see who wins the fight.

Although 'I'm Down' is a straight ahead, infectious rock tune, the band members have said in previous interviews that the song is the bluesiest track they've recorded thus far. Considering the song's survivalist themes and the subtle, Southern twang of their guitars, 'I'm Down' definitely has tinges of down home blues.

Check out the Almost perform their latest single and tell us if you're down with this MMA inspired video!