Alice in Chains

Sean Kinney and Mike Inez are the rhythm section of Alice in Chains -- drum and bass, respectively -- and they were guests of this special edition video interview of the ''Creep Show.' Fresh off two gigs at Terminal 5 all the way over on the West Side in New York City, Kinney and Inez cracked lots of jokes with me, proving that even some of the biggest rock stars of the '90s can be decidedly down to earth.

I felt like I was at the schoolyard sandbox, with two dudes pulling my pigtails while I threw sand in their eyes! It was all love and fun, and we hugged it out afterward.


The desert-dry humored Kinney and affable Inez were game to discuss the band's second wind resurgence, their new chart-topping single, the gloomily gorgeous 'Your Decision,' from 2009's 'don't call it a comeback' album, 'Black Gives Way to Blue,' and moving forward without late frontman Layne Staley.

The pair revealed how they choose set lists, their place in the hard rock scene and why guitarist Jerry Cantrell didn't accompany them. Most telling, however, was Kinney and Inez's keen and astute understanding of the current, semi-crippled music industry climate, where they once again remind fans to vote with their dollar, since making music is a way of life and livelihood!

Now, go ahead and watch and have a laugh during this video interview.