In perhaps one of the most brilliantly-named tours we've ever heard of, the Acacia Strain will headline the upcoming To Catch a Predatour with the Red Chord, Terror, Gaza and the Contortionist. The Acacia Strain will be supporting their new album, 'Wormwood.'

There will be no perverts being filmed unbeknownst to them, like the show the tour borrows its name from. But there will be loads of fun. In addition to hanging out with fans at all Acacia Strain tour dates for 30 minutes after doors open, the band is also offering up a special T-shirt available for purchase only during this time. That's what we call exclusive on a whole other level.

Additionally, the Nov. 20 Waterfront Tavern show will be a benefit for a dear friend of the band who recently passed away due to a decade-long battle with cancer.