Good news for Bay Area thrashaholics. The long out of print Testament album 'Live at the Fillmore' will be re-released on CD on Jan. 18 via Prosthetic Records. The show was recorded in 1995 at the famed venue in the band's hometown. Prosthetic released the album digitally last year and is putting copies back on record store racks this winter.

This is the fifth in a series of Testament reissues that Prosthetic has handled. The other releases that the label has re-introduced into the marketplace include the essential 'Demonic' and their 'comeback' album, 'The Gathering,' which blasted our ears back in 1999. Prosthetic also released the re-recorded comp 'First Strike Still Deadly' and 'Live at Eindhoven '87,' which took us way back.

The reissue includes expanded artwork, a new layout designed by Carson Slovak and liner notes. The 'Live at the Fillmore' reissue is available for pre-order now.