Ted LeoWhat did you do on Halloween? Throw a last minute costume together? End up at a party where you knew no one? Well indie-rock punk infuser Ted Leo took to the Philadelphia, Pa stage at Kung Fu Necktie and performed two sets as a Glenn Danzig-fronted Misfits tribute band by the name of TV Casualty -- and pulled it off.

Joined by Philly underground royalty -- featuring members of Atom and His Package, Franklin, Blacklisted and Leo's backing band the Pharmacist -- they played a blazing set of all the classic Misfits' songs that would be expected, and now this amazing set has made its way onto Youtube via six uploads.

The skinny Leo actually pulls off a precise, and almost chilling, impersonation of Danzig in stage presence and in voice. If you just listened to this recording, you'd be convinced this was some '82 bootleg of great quality that got lost.

As the band opens with 'She,' it's very clear that this is not just a fun night for them, it's an honor to attempt to capture the timelessness of the horror classics. Aside from wearing a cut black T-shirt instead of a leather vest Leo almost looks like a young version of the former Misfits frontman moving around the stage in a stomp of disgust that Danzig still displays to this day.

Without breaking character, the show ends with Leo telling the crowd in the husky grim voice the last song is "a new direction we're trying to go in," and the band launches into the Danzig solo chart-topper 'Mother.'