Team Beer'd is a cycling team based in Chicago that loves wheels and metal. We wanted to peek into the psyche of these men, to see what drives them. Their answers – provided by Matt, Simon, Adam and Kessler – ranged from silly to sillier.

We asked them what they do. "F--- if I know ... I spend most of my time drunk and wearing spandex," said one member. "We ruin everything and make you feel awkward in that 'uh-oh feeling' sense," said another. Simplistic pursuits like "drinks beers, rides bikes, goes f---s itself (sic)" were also mentioned, but perhaps the biggest reason to lock up your daughters? The member who said, "We're the reason why you don't remember last night."

The cycling/metal connection?
Here's what Team Beer'd said, with seriousness and with humor: "Carbon fiber is too expensive"; "Doing speed and meth get a little boring sometimes, so we have to supplement them with something"; "Road cycling has long been considered to be a noble sport. The teams [are] filled to the brim with upper crust of society. The riders looking down on the spectators from their two-wheeled high horses. That is why metal and cycling go hand in hand. Actually as you can guess, they don't, which is why we felt the need to inject some 'metal as f---' antics into the cycling world and shake things up. Just like metal is a genre often dismissed, our team was seen as outsiders in the cycling world. Just as how metal music is filled with amazing musicians, we are filled with amazing riders"; "If road cycling is filled with the upper crust, than (sic) we must be the fromunda crust"; and "Speed, Gear Grinding, Blood, Pure Torture and Punishment. Cycling or Metal?" were what Survey Said, a la 'The Family Feud.'

Bands Team Beer'd Likes?
, Gojira, Phil Collins – they dub the 'Miami Vice' EP with Collins as "so metal" – (Lone) Wolf and Cub, Plague Bringer, and "anything you can eat at Kumas." This is the second time metal people have mentioned Phil Collins on Noisecreep – Cattle Decapitation brought him up a few months back, so maybe really is Collins is metal!