Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley Still Feels Like a ‘Freak’
"I absolutely still feel like a freak. That's a state of mind. It has nothing to do with how much money you have or how successful you are," Paul Stanley tells Noisecreep.
The KISS vocalist/guitarist is referring to "Freak," a track he co-wrote with guitarist …
Paul Stanley, Steven Tyler Get Into a War of Words
Steven Tyler of Aerosmith flapped his gums recently and called KISS a "comic book rock band." Thems fighting words, and that type of trash talk didn't sit well with KISS singer/guitarist Paul Stanley.
The former American Idol judge told a Tampa radio station how he really felt about KISS, s…
KISS: Their Top 10 Deep Cuts
Men of my fathers' generation usually show mistrust in any guy that doesn't enjoy a good, stiff drink. For men of my age bracket the general rule is this: Never trust any male who didn't have a childhood obsession with KISS.
For many children of the seventies like me, KISS was the firs…

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