10 Most Underrated Megadeth Songs
How gifted a songwriter is Dave Mustaine? Well, the heavy metal mastermind has written so many great songs that some of them haven't even made it onto regular Megadeth albums. Like his former Metallica bandmates during their peak years ('86-'92), Mustaine has given record collectors a…
Dave Mustaine Unveils New ‘Zero’ Signature Dean Guitars
Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine is responsible for some of heavy metal’s most memorable riffs, and since 2006, Mustaine has been working with one of the most metal companies, Dean Guitars, to create a diverse assortment of axes. In keeping with tradition, Mustaine and Dean have just …
Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine Reveals New Monster Guitar Strings
Cleartone Strings has unveiled their new Dave Mustaine signature Monster guitar strings. Mustaine partnered with the company after he tried a set of Cleartone strings and loved them. He said they felt more solid and durable and that they were noticeably louder than his normal strings.

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