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Geezer Butler: Heaven & Hell Was an Accident
To Geezer Butler, the legendary bassist from Black Sabbath, the formation of the band Heaven & Hell was unplanned. So he and his band members -- singer Ronnie James Dio, guitarist Tony Iommi and drummer Vinny Appice -- are taking their career in stride, including the follow-up to 2009's…
Ozzy Suing Tony Iommi Over the Black Sabbath Name
Don't expect a reunion of the original Black Sabbath lineup any time soon. With his former Sabbath band mates Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler touring and recording with Ronnie James Dio (Osbourne's replacement in Black Sabbath when he left the band in 1980) as Heaven and Hell, Ozzy Osbourne i…
Heavy Metal Weekend: Heaven and Hell, Underoath + More
Another week, another Weekend Heavy Metal post. Thanks for all your comments and feedback - we're stoked you're enjoying things. Please, contact us via email and follow us on Twitter. We love hearing from you!
Awesome stuff from this week:
+ Edsel Dope has a new hairstyle...

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