Aerosmith: Their Top 10 Deep Cuts
You can say what you will about Aerosmith in their present time and place. Make all the comments you want about Joe Perry's cooking show appearances or whatever Steven Tyler did on American Idol. All that crap doesn't hinder them in my eyes and ears one bit
Aerosmith Get Hacked?
It appears as if the official Aerosmith website ( has been hacked. A strange image (posted below) is the only thing you can see on the site for the past several hours now and we are not quite sure what to make of it. The image appears to be a set of yellow crossed arms, or perhaps …
Paul Stanley, Steven Tyler Get Into a War of Words
Steven Tyler of Aerosmith flapped his gums recently and called KISS a "comic book rock band." Thems fighting words, and that type of trash talk didn't sit well with KISS singer/guitarist Paul Stanley.
The former American Idol judge told a Tampa radio station how he really felt about KISS, s…

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