Edsel Dope Dishes About the Business of Being in a Band
Bouncing around from label to label over the course of a decade and five albums hasn't been easy for Dope or their lanky frontman and founder Edsel Dope. The band has landed on Koch after a pair of two-album stints on Epic Records and the now-defunct Artemis Records, respectively...
Dope – ‘6-6-Sick’ Video
Dope's Edsel is in a post-apocalyptic mood as he takes a ride into Hades on a totally, um, 'dope' chopper. Not only does our man keep changing into a ghoul in this video, he's also sans his signature dreadlocks. Find out why here.
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Edsel Dope Has No Regrets
"It sounds like Dope and it feels like Dope," Dope frontman Edsel Dope told Noisecreep about his band's latest effort, 'No Regrets,' which represents a logical sonic progression for this crackling, industrially-tinged, aggro outfit. "We wanted to show that t…