First, Chris Cornell breaks the news that Soundgarden, out of commission for 12 years, would finally be returning in 2010 to melt faces nationwide with a tour and maybe even new music. As if that wasn't shocking enough, now it's looking like System of a Down could be joining them, making this month a very good one for lovers of the hard rock.

A posting made on the Twitter account of System bassist Shavo Odadjian on Jan. 11 has stirred up speculation that, after four years of a self-imposed hiatus, the Serj Tankian-led foursome could be on the rebound. It simply reads, "Are u guys ready for System???" The band announced it would be taking a break in 2006, after a summer spent headlining that year's Ozzfest.

In the wake of the announcement, Tankian released a solo record that, while well-received critically, failed to generate strong sales. Meanwhile, guitarist Daron Malakian and drummer John Dolmayan formed the short-lived Scars on Broadway, which was panned by System fans.

Odadjian's Twitter posting isn't the only sign that the band may be resurrected. A System of a Down Twitter page has also been updated and was referenced by Odadjian. While nothing's been made official yet, sometimes this is how these things get started. We will, of course, keep you posted as this story develops.

At the same time, the tweets should be taken with a grain of salt, given the revelation over the weekend that Tankian has recorded live strings and brass with members of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, for his second solo album. "The new solo record is alive and kicking in the oven," Tankian writes. "Not sure of what to call it yet, but coming soon."