We're coming up on the one-year anniversary of Suicide Silence frontman Mitch Lucker's death, who passed on Halloween night in a motorcycle accident. After spending much of the year mourning the frontman and taking a break from everything to determine their next move, the band revealed in a new post that they will continue … and with a new frontman taking the helm. This Readers Poll asks how you feel the band should have handled their future after Lucker's death.

The band's posting was brief, stating only, "Suicide Silence Will Continue …" However, with the short note was a link to some new audio with a mystery frontman taking on one of the fan favorite songs -- 'You Only Live Once.' Rumors have circulated that the man behind the mic on the track is All That Perish's vocalist Eddie Hermida, who also took part in the group's memorial show for Lucker last fall. However, there has been no confirmation on Hermida's involvement.

With the loss of their frontman, the band had several options as to how to continue. They could have split up with the members all branching out into new projects or other facets of their life. It would have been understandable given the circumstances. They could have chosen a new frontman, but decided to call the project something else. There is definitely some thought that the band isn't the same without their charismatic frontman and starting fresh might be a solid option. Or they could take the path that they chose which was to find a new frontman in order to continue the legacy that they've created and embracing the past while welcoming the new.

It's certainly not an easy choice to make and one that the remaining members of Suicide Silence have taken the better part of a year to decide upon. We want to know how you think the band should have handled things. Let us know by voting in the Readers Poll below.