Suicide Silence

Last month, Suicide Silence were no shows for the final stop on Megadeth's tour, having been booted from the run right before it wrapped by none other than Dave Mustaine himself. At the time, the band kept silent about their Mustaine-imposed banishment (beyond Suicide Silence bassist Dan Kenny expressing his desire to square off with the Megadeth frontman), and a spokesperson for the band refused to elaborate on the matter.

Now that a month has passed, it looks like the Suicide Silence guys are feeling a little more talkative about the incident, and frontman Mitch Lucker let Ozzy Osbourne bassist Blasko in on what went down before the band got the boot.

"I think the whole situation was funny," Lucker says. "It's basic: [Mustaine] wanted our laminates back because we were getting people in, we were passing our laminates out. We were getting our friends in because we were only allowed, like, 10 people on the guest list. We were just doing that -- getting people in -- and he thought it was a risk to his dressing room, which it could have been; some superfan could have gone in there and done God knows what."

Lucker says the situation quickly moved from that situation "to him wanting our laminates back, and it was, like, the last day of tour. And we were just like, 'You know what? I like this [grabbing the laminate]. Sorry.' And it turned out bad. But f--- it. It was still a fun tour."